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To us design means creating or achieving a sense of visual balance and perfection without compromising on function and practicality – whether we’re designing packaging material, a website, activation or exhibition stand. It’s all about finding the most optimal and creative way to communicate with a person, group or audience – taking information and presenting it in a visual way that’s easy to understand, use and navigate. Nowadays, thanks to the availability of creative software, everyone can open a new page and start designing – but it’s important to understand that there are many rules involved in order to achieve great that desired “stand-out” factor and resonate with the right audience, plus there’s something to be said for experience and a fine eye for detail. Our team of dynamic in-house designers truly know their stuff when it comes to digital and graphic design, and their passion for this beautiful craft reflects in every aspect of their lives. Whether it’s pouring frothed milk into a coffee cup or choosing a colour for the bathroom wall, we do everything with creative flair and gusto – because we recognise even the smallest activity is an opportunity for creativity.


It’s a word that gets tossed around so often, but what does it really mean? Simply put, branding is the entire process involved in building your brand – from naming it right through to giving it a personality, a tone of voice, a life. Branding is the golden thread or theme that runs through every advertising campaign, brochure, report and piece of collateral – the “special something” that sets your brand apart from others and makes it “stick” in the minds of your consumers. It’s important to understand that branding isn’t something that’s achieved over night – yes, you can get your logo and letterhead in place, but branding is really about building an image over a period of time, using advertising, design and various mediums to establish your brand’s personality. At the end of the day, branding is that lasting image that remains in your consumers’ mind long after they’ve seen your ad or interacted with your brand – and it’s an area of marketing and advertising where consistency is truly key.


Advertising is unavoidable these days, and it’s essential for any brand to be competing in the advertising space – especially if you want to retain and grow your market share. The key is to create advertising that truly resonates with your target market and really cuts through the clutter – which is where we come in, of course. Armed with valuable consumer insights and research, we put our creative brains to work to come up with concepts and ideas that are rooted in strategy and speak to the hearts of your customers. From radio ads, print ads and TV to outdoor, campaigns and activations – everything we do is inspired by your brand and driven by a passion to make it “pop”. We also understand that a flyer isn’t merely a flyer and a print ad isn’t just a print ad – it all forms part of a bigger picture and plan. Nothing we do is unintentional. Because at the end of the day advertising is all about making your brand top of mind, and leaving your customer with a warm feeling in their hearts whenever they think of you – or rather, your brand.


We specialise in a wide range of social and digital offerings, from website design and development to web-based digital campaigns and analytics. We are constantly exploring and innovating within the web space, and we love that the internet knows not limits – no matter how big or small your budget, who your target market is, or what you’re promoting, there’s a little space in the digital sphere with your name on it, and we can help you stake your claim.


Whether you’re after an animated video to promote your cause, an abstract photographic project, or the type of illustration the world has never seen before, we have the capabilities to do it. In fact, we love partnering with freelancers and other creative in the industry to expand our service offering and bring you the best-of-the-best! In case you also haven’t heard by now, we are based in the Novus Print Solutions building, which gives us access to some of the most advanced printing equipment and techniques – not to mention quality printing advice. From magazines and brochures, to signage and vehicle branding – we do it all.


While traditional media is by no means dead (in fact, we welcome the challenge of bridging different mediums), it’s important to cover all your bases and ensure that you interact with your consumers where and when they’re open to it. Social media marketing is a fairly broad term that basically encompasses any brand activity that transpires on the internet. Even if you know zero, zilch, nada about digital, rest assured that we’ve got the expertise and marketing know-how to provide you with a comprehensive strategy that will take your brand to new heights.