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Konekt designs and develops a wide range of software that brings client ideas to life. Our portfolio includes mobile apps, intranets, custom dashboards, responsive websites and SAAS products, to name a few. We also integrate systems to match complex workflows, including enterprise software such as SAP and Microsoft Active Directory. Determining realistic goals and scope is essential to project success. We help clients conceptualise and refine ideas into concrete features and interfaces. It’s an iterative process we’ve perfected over a decade. Weighing features, maintainability and long-term support, we choose the right tech stack for each project. Our team knows software development is dynamic. By implementing and testing features consistently, we deliver value from project start to official launch.


We create digital campaigns that target, attract and convert the right customers for our clients. It all begins with strategic analysis and user segmentation. From there, we launch campaigns and monitor them for ROI, shifting resources to maximise performance. Outbound marketing provides immediate, localised traffic for testing and a predictable flow of customers. Inbound marketing, including SEO and social media management, provides long-term interest and engagement through noteworthy, organic content. A holistic strategy is key to meeting short and long-term goals while spotting trends proactively. Using email drips and marketing automation, we tailor key interactions at each level of the sales funnel. This integrative approach maximises the scale and effectiveness of each campaign.


Competition, technology and market shifts happen fast. Building digital products and engaging customers requires a fluid strategy. Using feedback loops and custom analytics, we constantly assess performance indicators and adjust course accordingly. Goals are segmented into achievable milestones, making tactical and technology decisions more focused and dynamic. With the right communication channels, we’re able to keep everyone informed and driven towards success.